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Richer cattle feed for thicker, better yield.

With environmental conditions changing and global climate witnessing deterioration, the impact has been seen on dairy cattle and livestock too. The result: reduced milk yield. So what your cattle needs is feed that is fortified with a supplement that can be fed with regular food, to result in not just increased yield but milk that’s thicker and richer as well.

LactoMagik, a cattle feed supplement from 3F Pvt Ltd, the experts in cattle feeding practices and preparations. At 3F, we have leveraged our decades of expertise in food and have applied it for effective dairy practices to make cattle feed that helps deliver thicker and richer milk along with high yield.

LactoMagik Because cattle needs a lot more than fodder.

LactoMagik cattle feed supplement contains necessary fatty acid composition in required proportion to meet the energy demand of dairy cows. It enhances milk yield and butter fat content in milk.

Lactomagik Cattle Feed Supplement comes in bead form that makes it convenient for use by farmers as it blends with dry matter recommended by cattle feed experts and veterinarians. The dosage as advised should be administered for meeting the energy demand of the dairy cows. It helps dairy farmers to improve productivity at the lowest cost, thus ensuring profitability and prosperity.

The ingredients that go into LactoMagik go through high-benchmark quality control checks at the state-of-the-technology laboratory aligned to our manufacturing center. Only the ingredients that meet the quality specifications are picked to make the desired end-product. Once made, a thorough check is run through the final product – and only if they meet the standard specifications do they make it to the shelves.

Why LactoMagik is the best feed for you cattle:

  • Increases milk yield significantly.
  • Improves milk yield and butter fat content.
  • Improves energy content of feed.
  • Improves body score condition in animals.
  • Improves fertility phenomena such as calving and insemination ratio.
  • Reduces heat stress during summer.
  • Improves digestibility of feed.

Direction for Use: Feed LactoMagik at 15g per liter of milk or as directed by the nutritionist.
Storage and Shipping: It is essential to ship LactoMagik in the original packing and store in a cool and dry place. Shelf life is 12 months when stored in original unopened packaging.
Packaging: 25 kg