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  • Premium Bakery Fats & MargarineOpen or Close

    • Ideal for crisp and delicious cookies.
    • Gives uniform crumb structure. Disperses well. Increases shelf-life of products.

    • Best for crisp and lighter puffs and kharis.
    • Gives excellent height, layer separation and uniform appearance.

    • For soft and voluminous plum cakes, pound cakes, Danish pastries etc.

    • Perfect for cream layering, icing of cakes & pastries.
    • Gives excellent volume when whipped. Compatible with all the flavours.

    • Ideal for premium puffs & kharis.
    • Is non-greasy. Gives distinct layers ensuring delectable looks and taste.
  • Premium Compound ChocolatesOpen or Close Mello Compound

    • Perfect for moulded chocolates, truffles, garnish, cookies, muffins, ice-creams, cakes etc.
    • Has finest quality cocoa butter substitute and premium cocoa powder.

    Pack size: 500 gms Slabs | Packs per case: 20 units

    • For cookies, cakes, muffins, ice-creams etc.
    • Round and flat-bottomed. Convenient to use.

    Pack size: 1 kg pouch x 10 units

    • For ice cream coverings, center fillings, nut coating and a variety of other confectionary applications.
    • For moulding, coating and decoration. Has the right balance of rich flavour.

    Paste pack size: 5 kg | Dip pack size: 20 kg bucket
  • Semi - Premium Bakery Fats & MargarineOpen or Close

    • For making puff pastries, vol-au-vents.
    • Easy spreadibility. No greasy mouth feel. Least dough and maximum patty height.

    • For soft pech butter bread.
    • Improves volume. Provides tenderizing effect in dough.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat.

    • For breads, rusks and cookies.
    • Gives good texture. Aerates and blends well. Extends shelf-life of products.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat.

    • For cakes & pastries.
    • Compatible with all flavours. Non-greasy. Excellent volume when whipped.

    • For cookies.
    • Fast aeration for high speed production.

    • For varied usage in cakes, pastries and cream layering.
    • Aerates fully without breaking. Blends well with food flavours and colours.

    • For crispy puffs and kharis.
    • Rolls without cracking. Least dough shrinkage. Good layer separation. Smooth and firm.

    • For crispy fan biscuits, kharis and jalebi biscuits.
    • Uniform appearance and good layer separation. Rolls without cracking. Least dough shrinkage.
  • Standard Range Bakery Fats & Margarine Open or Close

    • Economical bakery fat for puffs and kharis.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat.

    • Vanaspati for puffs.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat
  • Ice Cream Open or Close

    • For frozen desserts.
    • Gives creamy consistency. Excellent mouth feel and melting characteristics. Increases shelf life.

    • For frozen desserts.
    • Improves flavor release at body temperature. Enhances mouth feel and visual appeal. Apt melt profile. Gives reliable body shape.

    • For chocobars and frozen desserts.
    • Spreads easily. Non-greasy. Lump free and smooth. Solidifies almost instantly in contact with cold ice cream. Imparts excellent shine.
  • HORECA Open or Close

    Vegetable Fat Spread
    • Premium table spread that gives creamy taste.
    • 500 gms | Units per case: 30 nos

    For rich Indian cuisine.
    • Pouch: 1 kg
    • Tins: 15 kg/ltr Tins