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  • Premium Bakery Fats & MargarineOpen or Close

    • Ideal for crisp and delicious cookies.
    • Gives uniform crumb structure. Disperses well. Increases shelf-life of products.

    • Best for crisp and lighter puffs and kharis.
    • Gives excellent height, layer separation and uniform appearance.

    • For soft and voluminous plum cakes, pound cakes, Danish pastries etc.

    • Perfect for cream layering, icing of cakes & pastries.
    • Gives excellent volume when whipped. Compatible with all the flavours.

    • Ideal for premium puffs & kharis.
    • Is non-greasy. Gives distinct layers ensuring delectable looks and taste.
  • Premium Compound ChocolatesOpen or Close
    Milk Compound
    White Compound
    Dark Compound

    Mello Royale Compound understands you and your desire to create extraordinary dessert experiences. With the finest ingredients, modern techniques, and thoughtful ideation, the rich chocolate compounds constantly deliver exceptional quality and flavour that leave a lasting impression.

    Pack size:500 gms Slabs | Packs per case: 20 units
    Mello Compound

    • Perfect for moulded chocolates, truffles, garnish, cookies, muffins, ice-creams, cakes etc.
    • Has finest quality cocoa butter substitute and premium cocoa powder.

    Pack size: 500 gms Slabs | Packs per case: 20 units

    • For cookies, cakes, muffins, ice-creams etc.
    • Round and flat-bottomed. Convenient to use.

    Pack size: 1 kg pouch x 10 units

    • For ice cream coverings, center fillings, nut coating and a variety of other confectionary applications.
    • For moulding, coating and decoration. Has the right balance of rich flavour.

    Paste pack size: 5 kg | Dip pack size: 20 kg bucket
  • Semi - Premium Bakery Fats & MargarineOpen or Close

    • For making puff pastries, vol-au-vents.
    • Easy spreadibility. No greasy mouth feel. Least dough and maximum patty height.

    • For soft pech butter bread.
    • Improves volume. Provides tenderizing effect in dough.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat.

    • For breads, rusks and cookies.
    • Gives good texture. Aerates and blends well. Extends shelf-life of products.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat.

    • For cakes & pastries.
    • Compatible with all flavours. Non-greasy. Excellent volume when whipped.

    • For cookies.
    • Fast aeration for high speed production.

    • For varied usage in cakes, pastries and cream layering.
    • Aerates fully without breaking. Blends well with food flavours and colours.

    • For crispy puffs and kharis.
    • Rolls without cracking. Least dough shrinkage. Good layer separation. Smooth and firm.

    • For crispy fan biscuits, kharis and jalebi biscuits.
    • Uniform appearance and good layer separation. Rolls without cracking. Least dough shrinkage.
  • Standard Range Bakery Fats & Margarine Open or Close

    • Economical bakery fat for puffs and kharis.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat.

    • Vanaspati for puffs.

    • Multi-purpose bakery fat
  • HORECA Open or Close

    Vegetable Fat Spread
    • Premium table spread that gives creamy taste.
    • 500 gms | Units per case: 30 nos

    For rich Indian cuisine.
    • Pouch: 1 kg
    • Tins: 15 kg/ltr Tins