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Fluidity is the idea and foundation upon which the building blocks of 3F Industries have been cemented. A single drop of liquid oil was the start of the legend. The drop, which represents the group's origins in vegetable oil extraction, has been adapted to the company's brand identity. It can also be perceived as a folded strip, which forms a closed and continuous shape. This conveys the idea of making use of available resources to manufacture something new, implying 3F's continuous efforts in upgrading and adding value to its by-products through development.

Blue signifies trust and dependability. It represents intelligence and inspires higher ideals. Blue also signifies success, something that 3F is familiar with in its 50 years of existence.
Green represents the earth and the produce. The color also represents harmony with nature and new life.
Yellow represents optimism and inspires creative thoughts. The yellow used in the brand identity can also be taken to represent oil.