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    You are our inspiration

    We understand how important it is for you to delight taste buds and keep growing day after day! Keeping you in mind we are always striving to bring out products that will help you create culinary brilliance everyday.

    Vivo Royal Crème - Non Dairy Whipping Cream enables you to turn into an inspired artist. Vivo Royal Crème not only tastes fresh and creamy, it will make your customers coming for more because of its outstanding performance and unique taste.
    Ideal creamy partner
    • Tetra pack ensures freshness. Means 0% bacteria.
    • Low sugar content. Means more cream.
    • 4 and half times whipping volume. Means more saving.
    • Highly stable cream. Means desserts can be prepared in advance.
    • Smooth, creamy, light and glossy shine. Means more happy customers!
    Applications: Icing cakes I Filling Desserts I Decorating Milk Shakes I Mocktails I Sundaes I Puddings I Soufflés etc.

    Pack size: 1100 gm
    Shelf life: 12 months

    Vivo Royal Crème - Non-Dairy Cookie Cream enhances the quality and taste of cookies. It is an innovative product especially customized to make the cookies richer and more delicious. It is a replacement of milk powder, which makes the cookies richer and profitability grow day after day. So instead of using milk powder, start using the newest product from our stable and see your profitability grow day after day.
    Smart partner:
    • Better aeration. Means good texture.
    • Rich golden colour. Means extra crispness.
    • Great taste. Means more delighted customers!
    Applications: Chocolate Cookies I Fruit Cookies I Oats Cookies I Plain Cookies
    Pack size: 1100 gm
    Shelf life: 12 months

    Vivo Royal Crème – Choco Cream is made of cocoa powder, milk solids etc. It has shiny and smooth texture and a great mouth feel. It has very good stability and can be used in all confectionary applications. So go ahead and create magic with the same consistency every time!
    Applications: Topping and filling I Cakes I Pastries I Desserts I Mousses
    Pack size: 1100 gms
    Shelf life: 12 months
  • COMPOUNDSOpen or Close

    Delight with delectable delicacies
    Mello Dark, Milk and White Compounds bring together rich quality and technique that is mastered over the years so that you can always be assured of luscious and lasting taste. We specialise in making compound slabs in 3 variants - dark, milk & white, which are especially formulated to imitate the characteristic of couverture.

    Applications: Moulded Chocolates | Assorted Chocolates | Ganache | Garnish | Doughnut Centre Filling Creams | Biscuits | Cookies | Muffins | Ice-creams etc.
    Pack size: 500 gms slabs
    Shelf life: 18 months

    Mello Dark Compound Chips - are round, flat-bottomed tear drop/button-shaped small chunks that are convenient to use.
    Applications: Cookies, Cakes, Muffins, Pastries etc.
    Pack size: 5 kg
  • MARGARINEOpen or Close

    Secret of extra soft cakes
    bake@home cake margarine is specially customized for home bakers. It is a healthy option and now you can always be assured of the light and soft cakes. • Trans fat free
    • Low in saturated fats
    • Low in cholesterol
    • Hygienically packed

    Application: Cake Baking
    Pack size: 500 gms tub

    Dual benefits: Delicious and Healthy
    Golden Spread table margarine adds rich taste and smooth texture to every dish. It is a premium table spread that has been scientifically proven to be healthier than butter but retains the same creamy taste. • Transfat free
    • Zero Cholesterol
    • Rich in Vitamins A, D & E
    • Easy to spread and shallow fry
    Application: On toast, sandwiches, parathas, dal makhani, paneer butter masala, sweet corn or for shallow frying of dosa, pav bhaji etc
    Available SKU: 500 gms brick