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3F has been in the Exotic Fats business since 1975 and since then 3F has been providing exotic fats from Shea nuts, Sal seeds, Kokum kernel and Mango kernel to the confectionary industry. Today, we are one of the largest producers of specialty fats in the world. We source shea nuts from farm gate in West African countries of Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali and Nigeria. Testimony to our quality is the continued patronage from large manufacturers of Cocoa Butter Equivalents from Japan, Malaysia, Italy, Holland, UK & the Scandinavian countries.

Through in-house development of process technology, 3F pioneered in India, the process of both dry fractionation and solvent fractionation. These techniques have been used to manufacture world-class Sal, Mango & Shea stearin & Kokum fats.
These products find extensive application in the manufacture of cocoa butter equivalents (CBE), which are used in the chocolate industry; and Cocoa Butter Improvers (CBI) which raise the melting point of chocolate for better storage stability in tropical climates.